Next-level Cisco certifications

Certification program launching on February 24, 2020
Retooling our training and certification program around the latest technologies and what drives today’s learners.

  • Updated CCNA courses that will align to the new CCNA certification.
  • Updated CCNP labs and exams to align with the new CCNP Enterprise certification.
  • CCNA Security course continues as is and will align to training credential.
  • No change for CCNA Cybersecurity Operations — course continues as is and aligns to CCNA Cyber Ops certification.

Key Transition Dates

  • In November, the new CCNA courses in English and certification preparation materials for the new CCNA Certification exam release.
  • In February 2020, the new Cisco Certifications are available
  • New CCNA courses in translated languages will be released in phases during Mar-Jul 2020.

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