New: CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Releases

The much anticipated, CCNA Cybersecurity Operations 1.0 releases further arming instructors with teaching material in the high-demand security domain. Course highlights below:

  • Provides students hands-on experience in how best to detect and respond to security incidents 
  • Details how organizations deal with cybercrime, cyberespionage, insider threats and advanced persistent threats 
  • Enables job-ready, practical skills in cybersecurity operations such as Security Operation Center Analyst and Incident Responder  
  • Helps students prepare for industry recognized CCNA Cyber Ops Certification 

 Your students will need an entry level of knowledge that includes the below details.  Cybersecurity Essentials and CCENT courses are recommended. 

  • PC and Internet navigation skills 
  • Basic Windows and Linux system concepts 
  • Basic networking concepts 
  • Binary and Hexadecimal  understanding 
  • Awareness of basic programming concepts 
  • Awareness of basic SQL queries 
  • Familiarity of Cisco Packet Tracer, a network simulation application 

The new course is available for qualified Academies and ITCs with Instructor training required.

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